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The Single Family Rental (SFR) sector is trending in investment news but what is making this trending topic so newsworthy?

Here are the top 3 reasons you should keep your eye on the SFR sector as an investment opportunity for your clients.

  1. Renters by Necessity

Out of the 121 million households in the US, 37% of those are renters1. 82% of renters view renting as more affordable than homeownership2. Renting a home can provide more flexibility to the tenant and takes some of the maintenance headaches out of the equation.

  1. Suburban Millennial Demand

Millennials are credited with a lot of different trends but surprised the nation when they chose to flock to the suburbs ultimately needing affordable rental options. 1.7 million households formed annually between 2017 and 20193 and that number is expected to increase.

  1. Supply is Limited

Only 10% of new home sales are under $200,0005 making home ownership a less feasible choice for those looking for a lower price point. While over 4 million SFRs have been added since the Great Recession, America is massively underbuilt in the workforce price point where there is a shortage of 7.4 million affordably priced homes6.

Want to learn more about SFR and how NexPoint is navigating this trending Real Estate Sector?

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