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5 Tips to Better Market Your Business

By October 9, 2021February 14th, 2022EXPERT ADVISOR, Sales and Marketing Resources

5 Tips to Better Market Your Business

Below are some sure-fire processes that will positively impact your companies marketing goals.

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Marketing your personal brand is a tall order. You finish school, pass exams, get your needed licenses, figure out how to get new clients and suddenly years go by, trends change, and your marketing strategy inevitably becomes obsolete. Below are some sure-fire processes that will positively impact your companies marketing goals:

1. Use Your Social Network

You knew this was coming, right? Like it or not as a personal user, LinkedIn offers an easy to use, free platform for you to build organic, professional relationships through. Start by sharing thought-leadership, it doesn’t have to come from you but in time it would be beneficial to provide some exclusive content.

2. Send a Newsletter

You don’t need a top-of-the-line marketing platform to build out fluid newsletter emails. Take something as simple as mail chimp, upload your contacts and build an email off a provided template. The content of the newsletter can include anything from holiday wishes to thought leadership (link to your LinkedIn post perhaps) all the way to meeting requests. Make the message easy to interact with and watch your engagement rise.

3. Host a Webinar

Webinar has become quite the buzzword in the age of Covid, but one that is highly useful. Hosting a virtual meeting or webinar gives you the opportunity to talk with a variety of prospects about numerous market trends and eventually illude to your business strategy.

4. Branding

Branding is something everyone needs in every industry. In order to brand yourself properly, you need the tools to get there. Less of a tactic, more of a tip, branding can be done through content in LinkedIn posts, credentials, logos and even email signatures, Maybe skip the comic sans font in bright orange and go with your companies’ fonts & logos. Make sure you’re noting CFA, CPA on your title in emails and on LinkedIn. Your personal brand is what you’re marketing, so show it off where you can.

5. Be Consistent Above All

All of these tips sound great, we know. But the only true way to accomplish anything from a digital marketing perspective is through consistency. Set your goal at one post every two weeks and one quarterly newsletter. In time, you’ll be able to see substantial growth and from that, be inspired to up your postings by 1-2x a week even. The best part about it is it can take less than five minutes to get one of these drafted and published, especially when you’re sharing content.