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Practice Management: Sales

Practice Management: Sales

Below are top 3 tips to up your sales game!

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Sales is a trade that will never go out of style but is also one that changes with the times. Once known for its door-to-door rhythm, sales are now moving the needle to even text updates directly to your phone. Like it or not, business evolves and as a financial advisor, you have to keep up to encapsulate the minds of new prospects. Here are our top 3 tips to up your sales game.

1. Get Organized

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, I’ve got this down! I write my to do list and calls I have to make every morning on a post-it note. Let me stop you there. Many firms now offer a CRM tool like Salesforce to manage data. Taking on something so large sounds like an undertaking, but when streamlined, the process is quite simple.

2. Understand Your Client First

Understanding your client is probably the most underrated tactic. You can be selling the best product on the market, but until you can figure out how your consumer will use it, it’s worthless.

3. Build Your Personal Brand

Be sure to check out our other blog post on marketing your personal brand. This is incredibly important when it comes to selling your newly converted clients.