Single-Family Rental

Cost to Own vs.
Cost to Rent

The rising cost of homeownership and changing renter preferences are creating unprecedented demand for affordable rental options. Mortgage rates have increased from 3% to 6.5% boxing our an additional 21 million households from qualifying for a $400K mortgage creating more “renters by necessity” than ever before.

Source: John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC (Pub: Mar-23)

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Cost Analysis of Homeownership

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$ 3,500

Per Month
  • Mortgage Premium = $1,700
  • Insurance = $500
  • Taxes = $300
  • HOA Fees = $15
  • Maintenance = $200

Up Front Costs
Down Payment = $55K
Rehab Cost = $18K
Closing Costs = $5K
Total Up Front Cost = $78k


$ 2,200

Per Month
  • Rent = $2,200

No Up Front Costs