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NexPoint Fast Facts

Data as of 6/30/21


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NexPoint offers investors a unique and innovative investment product suite by drawing on our institutional expertise, track record of success in the private market and proven ability to raise capital in the public markets.

  • Single-Family Rental
  • Multifamily
  • Self-Storage
  • Life Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Office-Retail
  • Timber

VineBrook Homes Trust

Learn about our $1 Billion private REIT focused on acquiring and operating Single-Family Rental homes and how 1 home became a portfolio of over 15,000 homes.

DSTs/1031 Exchanges

Be the first to know about our newest DST offerings by signing up for notifications. NexPoint has successfully delivered $950 million to market and has over $500 million in future offerings.

Other Reg-D Offerings

IQHQ is a $70 million life science development deal providing retail clients the opportunity to co-invest with qualified institutional investors in high-demand life science real estate markets.

Public REITs

NexPoint Residential Trust (NYSE:NXRT) is a number 2 performing list REIT on the RMZ Index focused on multifamily properties in the sunbelt region, NexPoint Real Estate Finance is a Mortgage REIT, and NexPoint Hospitality Trust (NHT) is a hospitality REIT.

Merger Arbitrage

NexPoint Merger Arbitrage Fund was recognized as the top fund in the Merger Arbitrage category at the HFM U.S. Performance Awards. The fund focuses on investing in publicly announced merger transactions and capturing the spread between the current stock price and the price an investor will ultimately receive when the deal closes.

Other Funds

NexPoint Real Estate Strategies is a closed-end interval fund investing 80% of its assets in real estate and real estate related securities. NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund (NHF) is a closed-end fund investing in primarily below-investment-grade debt, equity securities, and real estate and has the ability to edge risk.


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