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Credit Expertise

NexPoint launched out of an institutional asset management group known as a pioneer in the leveraged loan market. That credit investment expertise served as a cornerstone to the NexPoint platform, and while our platform has evolved since its founding, credit remains one of NexPoint’s core capabilities today.

Key credit capabilities include: corporate credit, with a focus on the non-investment grade universe that covers leveraged loans and high-yield bonds; collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and other structured products; sector-focused middle-market lending; and other alternative credit strategies.

NexPoint primarily manages credit assets within a closed-end fund and a business development company (BDC). NexPoint affiliates manage various credit assets in several other investment vehicles, including open-end mutual funds, an exchange-traded fund (ETF), commingled institutional funds, and separate accounts. Some of these vehicles’ underlying investment strategies focus on credit assets, while others hold a smaller allocation to credit within a diversified portfolio.

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