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How to Best Utilize LinkedIn [Infographic]

By October 22, 2021November 15th, 2021EXPERT ADVISOR, Sales and Marketing Resources

How to Best Utilize LinkedIn [Infographic]

Below are top tactics to effectively utilize your LinkedIn

How to Best Utilize LinkedIn

Build Our Your Profile

One of the simplest ways to use LinkedIn effectively is to give yourself a profile image, a small bio, header image and add work history. All of this gives you credibility to your page visitors. Make sure the photo is as professional as possible, it doesn’t have to be a headshot but its best practice to avoid selfies or social photos.

Tag Your Counterparts

Tagging colleagues and industry professionals in posts is a great way to gain exposure across new-to-you channels. Post about a project you’ve been working on and tag your team or “Share” an industry post you enjoyed and tag someone else you think should read it. When you tag others, their connections are then notified that they were tagged, therefore widening your circle.

Boost Your Firm’s Page

Sharing your firm’s posts increases visibility for both the organization and you. This connects your personal brand to the brand you represent which will help create a connection for new customers. Use your LinkedIn as an opportunity for clients and colleagues to get to know you better in a professional setting.

Acknowledge Good Work

An often-overlooked LinkedIn feature is the “Recommendation” section, where you can provide feedback to colleagues. Give one to a manager or subordinate and see the reciprocal’s fly in. This is a great personal branding exercise.

Consider Thought Leadership

It doesn’t need to be frequent but take the time to write an article to share on LinkedIn. Your firm or other thought leaders may even pick it up, gaining you some fresh following.

Consistency Counts

Don’t be a one hit wonder: it doesn’t always need to be a long, creative process. Repost industry news and firm updates weekly to maintain the following you already have.

Follow Industry Influencers

This will help expand your rolodex and your personal knowledge. As they post, read it, like it and share it. LinkedIn is all about connections, so work the ones you admire and the ones you know personally.


How to best utilize linkedin